Anyone getting fired up

For the coming year? For me? A lot of work, mediocre results, seems like a full time job being retired 20 years now, 18 years with the fire department, 20 years with growing stuff and 20 years honey do stuff.
Time to fish? No.
What about this coming year? Looks the same, don’t know how to stop. Some potted trees might go on the block. Some citrus were loaded with seeds, those need to be top worked for sure. Big project with figs.
Next month I’ll be eight two.


That’s a good thing, ay?

I’m coming on 71, and I can see myself slowing by the day. But I’m excited to see if my apricot chips and buds emerge this spring, whether the airlayer experiment worked, and if I can get somebody to start some Early Cascade toms for me. My older brother is sending me scions from his Jonathon …

And I have so much honey-do, much of it self-imposed, I don’t even want to think about it.

Not quite sure where you are, but I grew up in Eureka Springs and used to sail with my Dad on Table Rock, putting in at Starkey. Later he switched over to Beaver. I had a girl friend who lived on the road from Highway 62 to the lake, up the hill from the road to Lake Leatherwood. Sound like your neighborhood?



Howdy neighbor, great to know you are familiar with this area. Yes, I live on Beaverlake, 7 miles west of Eureka Springs. Great!!! Why Montana??
A little slack time right after New Year, read my notes(brain) , right after putting away Christmas stuff.


I am excited for next year but don’t think I will get much produce next year. I am excited to see if my cherry trees leaf out, I am getting some citrus and this year to be shipped next year and I planted some blueberries, mulberries and raspberries so next year could be my first crop on some of the plants I planted this year.


@aap. You inspire me. I will be 72 in January. We get old when we stop playing or at least that is my opinion.


I have been drinking a bit of orange/mandarin juice from my tree’s, maybe that helps. My tree’s get me citrus from October till maybe the end of February. My Red Jabo get me some to, growing in the shop.


My main goal is on the productivity next year. I need the large fruit trees to produce, particularly Asian pear trees. Also jujube and persimmon should start to produce. Just started with nut trees and I need to propagate more.

But I do get quite some fig trees coming up next year and still like to add more.

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That’s cool! I can’t do that but have syrups from frozen berries I use to flavor my drinking water. Currently I have cornus mas cherry, raspberry, and pink currant syrup. I have bout 5 gallons of frozen berries, black currants, blackberries, gooseberries and cherries for more syrups.


Drew, the fig cuttings I got from you, one died grafted on C/H, rootstock died after sion grew very well. The other had a hard time growing, repotted, it’s growing very well in my growroom. It’s also grafted on C/H.

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We got 20+ inches of snow on Christmas eve/day. I’m ready to spend some time outside doing anything or even in the garage getting prepared…but it’s too early, so for now I’ll peel garlic. :+1:


I am growing garlic, late in season in containers in my shop, warm in there, will put them in the garage come February to cool of.


I am fired up for Spring for sure! I have been outside yesterday (after the rain) and I am going out today to keep clearing my front field. It has several pine trees on it still and I am still young enough (thankfully) to take a mattock and dig them out. Then I am dragging them to a pile to burn after they have dried out a while. Then hopefully I can start planting another orchard up there. The ground looks much better up there than in my orchard now, so I am hopeful that the trees will do well.


With oranges or tangerine you can grow them in pots. I plan to get a gold nugget mandarin and a owari satsuma and put them in a decent sized pot and then grow them under a grow light. I am getting them shipped in May so they don’t freeze though. Only local place that has mandarins has them for sale for 119 minimum and 200 something maximum. I can buy 3-6 mandarin online for that minimum price.

You can graft citrus and end up growing tree’s for little or nothing. That the route to grow.

Or just buy online. Local nurseries will end up selling things like raspberry plants for a lot while you can get a bare root raspberry plant for like 2 or 3 dollars online. Like I said you can order a gold nugget mandarin from fast growing trees for 30 dollars or buy a mandarin for 29 or 31 dollars from four winds growers depending on patent or not while local nursery are charging a arm and a leg with that 119 price. That is why I always buy online. There is cheaper prices and better variety.

I do grow citrus. 3 trees, but they are all from seed. Two mandarin seeds from different cultivars I really liked, and one from an orange I bought in Florida from the Amish. The sweetest, lowest acid orange I ever ate! It had one seed. Also a small fruit, maybe easier to grow? Just for fun. I may throw them out eventually. Two are about 4 feet tall and one is under 3 feet. 2nd and 3rd leaf plants.