Anyone gotten their Burnt Ridge order?

I’ve been waiting for mine for a while now…original ship date was 3/6. I asked earlier this week and they said hopefully 3/18 since they are running behind. Hasn’t shipped yet, it seems.

Fortunately we have a cold spell here to slow things down, but I’d like to get grafting soon!

Kelby I did receive some scion wood from them a few weeks ago. I guess I got the order in just before their spring crush. Still waiting for grafting weather. What did you order?

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Appl and pear rootstocks, as well as persimmon seedlings to use as rootstocks.

I got mine earlier this week. Tuesday I think. It usually takes right at a week to get here. Quince, mulberry, gooseberry, and chestnut. Everything was already pushing leaves.

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Arrived today and potted up. Now to start grafting!

mine shipped today.

Unfortunately, the packed everything up and shipped before letting me know they were out of B118, M111, and B9.

I’m now about 15 or 20 rootstocks short for the year, and I get that the nursery business relies on a certain level of “projected need” but I think I’m done with them. Their prices always more than offset their stuff being a bit small, but the fact I have to scramble now, coupled with a sort of “sorry, dude, your stuff shipped and we’re out of rootstocks” email is enough that I’m thinking I am done with them :frowning:

Reminds me of the “Seinfeld” episode about the rental car reservations…