Anyone Grow Parents' or Grandparents' Favorite Apple?

Hambone: Thanks for the reminder. Like I posted, my Grand parents owned Wildwood Apple orchard near Dixon, Missouri; purchased it in 1916. I looked through my collection of family genealogy and found a letter my Mom wrote about that farm/orchard.


Wow, you found it! Missouri Pippin- I’ll have to look that up. Big Horse Creek Farm NC has a description of it so likely sells scionwood:

Sources say precocious and prone to fire blight.

From what I’ve read MO Pippin was mostly a filler crop planted in between the trees of the long term desired cultivar. MO Pippin was more precocious than most, so it would provide some income faster for owners, and once the desired cultivars got into full production the MO Pippins would be cut out.

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@hambone Fine idea, thanks for the effort. I wrote Ron at Big Horse Creek & placed an order.