Anyone growing Abbe Fetel pears in New England?

I was sent three of these pears as a gift last fall. I have never eaten a pear that was soooo good. Will they grow well in RI? and. . . will they take seven years to fruit? Thanks

Alas, no answers from me…but I saw Abate Fetel pears at my local health food store for the first time last month and bought two. My husband loved his, but I ate mine too late, I guess, and it was mushy. However, it had an interesting taste that kept me eating it, and the flesh seemed very smooth and not grainy at all. I look forward to trying one at perfect ripeness at some point. What is it about them that appeals to you?

They are really popular in Europe, one of the most commonly sold pear in supermarkets. I think I read somewhere it’s grown mostly in Italy so they might need a bit more heat than what you can get in RI. But I don’t want to discourage you…try it, it might do well in New England as well

I’m going to graft them this year and will let you know how they do in Kansas. Abbe Fetel aka abate fetel looks like an excellent variety to me. They are not disease resistant. They are on the “Curator’s Choice - A few of Our Favorite Cultivars” from NCGR-Corvallis. This is their description of them "Developed in France in 1866. Fruit: large to very large and more or less elongated. The skin is thin, green or yellow with a bright red blush on the side exposed to the sun. Flesh is whitish, melting, very juicy, sugary, aromatic, and excellent in quality. Tree: Susceptible to fire blight, graft compatible with quince and often sets parthenocarpic fruit when no pollen is available. " -

Not in New England, but it fruited the second year when grafted to a mature tree for me. I have a little scion available if you want some.

Grafted a 3 inch piece on a tree today and we will see if it takes.

I hope my will blossom!

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Sure hope it blossoms for you. Looking forward to reading more about them once they start producing for you.

Clark it is a magnificent looking pear and boy does it ever taste good. Sweetest, juiciest, non ‘gritty’ pear ever. To me anyway.

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I hope it will be a good pear year for you and you get to eat your own abate fetel.

Eating a few Abate Fetel pears from the grocery, first one was somewhat forgettable besides the graceful shape and good texture, the second, more golden one was great eating however, silky sweet with a touch of acity and a very slight astringent finish in the skin.

As I have learned and listened from this forum, all pears seem to ripen at different times and in different ways. The Abbe Fetel’s I have eaten were left on my kitchen table for four days and spent four days getting to me from a friend in CA. When I bit into them they were dripping sugar and still the best pear I ever ate. Glad your second pear tasted better. It sounds as if they were not as ripe as they should have been. Try again, please!

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