Anyone Has Fruit Tree Blossom and Bud Out?

With this warm winter, just curious. Some of the spring shrubs have started to grow. I heard DC’s cherry blossom started, along with some ornamental plum trees…

No fruit tree in bloom at this time, but many of the SHB blueberry are in full bloom. Star, O’neil, Emerald blooming now and Legacy is close. Rabbiteye look normal at this time.

Everything OK here in SE MI. It never really got that warm here. Yes it was warm, though not as warm as other states. It’s cold now, Some of my SHB blueberries started to grow, although have now stopped. I will get some dieback here not doubt. No blossoms though! BTW leave dieback on till late winter. The dead part stops further damage. At least I have heard that from master gardeners.

For folks in zone 7 and warmer, not sure if they get enough chilling hours.

SHB in full bloom and Rabbiteye not far behind. Low chill apples starting to bloom and figs and blackberries starting to wake up. Pomegranates have not started to grow so that’s good.

We have 300 chill hours according to the calculator which seems very high, I would have guessed 50.

Pluots still have some green leaves. Some minor swelling of buds on fruit trees. Some perennial flowers forming flower buds. Suffolk County, NY. 6 record warm days in Nov., several in Dec. Dec is 13+ degrees above average. Coldest night was 28. Coldest night forecast for coming week is 31. Mostly cloudy weather and rain so that has keeps temperature of trees down a little. . Very unusual weather. Usually I move potted figs and other cuttings into the garage in Nov. They are still outside and will be until cold weather is forecast.

I checked out the blueberry chill hour model calculator for my area. It hit a high of 350 in mid December and is now down to 250. This model subtracts hours from the total chill hours when temps hit 65 degrees. Looks like my area will break the 100 year record for average temperature for the month of December.

Its not unusual for me to see some blooms on the SHB in the fall, but never seen the SHB in full bloom in December. According to the published data, O’neil should not be in bloom. Don’t know if the SHB will set fruit again in the spring, but I’m hoping!

It been really warm here (AL 7b/8a). Apples are just now starting to drop their leaves so no sign of bloom on those or blueberries and blackberries. The strawberries are blooming like crazy though. I’m picking off the flowers. I hope they can pull off another bloom this coming spring like they are supposed to.

Do you think you can get enough chilling hours for Apple?

My apples and plums still haven’t dropped all of their leaves. Most of the varieties I grow are adapted for the southern U.S., but not for this weather. Right now I don’t think there’s any way I’ve got enough chill hours. We’ll see what the new year brings. Normally January is our coldest month here in Georgia 7b.

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Long term forecast called for a warm Nov and Dec and a cold Jan and Feb. We will probably get plenty of chill but I will take damage on a lot of plants that have already in bloom.

Redbud trees bloomed in my area but fortunately the fruit trees are still looking very dormant.

Scott, do your grape vines put on some white hair? Mine has.

Not that I noticed…

not that I noticed in Phoenix … I started being concerned today when I noticed the NWS is forecasting 46F for lows in 48 hours for 4 days.

Just took these pictures of my SHB & rabbiteye blueberries a few minutes ago. The SHB made first followed by the rabbiteyes.



Do you believe your blueberry will produce fruit again in summer of 2016?

I have blooms but no fruit on my SHB and I’m worried about next year’s production

I hope so , but I have no idea. I’ve never grown blueberries until this year. I’m wishing they would go dormant so I can move them to their new place.