Anyone has white flesh, taste winner peaches?

I had one white flesh peach tree. But we just could enjoy peaches in two weeks and don’t know how to store them. I want to graft different peaches, which will ripe in different times. So we can enjoy peaches for longer time.
If you have scions to save, please share some.
If you have trees, I can ask some next year.
I do have many fruit trees (can have scions for next year).

Where are you located (City, State)?


Sugar May is a good early-season white peach. It has the classic sweet non-acidic white peach flavor. Sometimes there are fibrous cells near the pit which create an off mouth-feel keeping this peach from being perfect, but it is close. I usually cut this peach into quarters, and cut out any fibrous tissue- eating the good bits.

White Lady is another yummy one for mid-season.

Blushingstar is the best. Best white peach flavor. Perfect melting texture. Super sweet and juicy. It comes later in the season.

These peaches are known to be able to perform in the humid East. I would imagine the arid West can grow a better variety of peaches, but we can grow certain ones back East too.


I heard snow beauty, Arctic supreme, indian free are all top taste test winner. Sugar may and white lady are definitely good. I wish I can find scions of those peaches.

Hello, Sophia, and welcome. @Olpea, could maybe also comment, he’s not too far from you, he’s near the Kansas City area, and grows many varieties of peaches in his orchard. He grows many white varieties, and actually grew a world record sized white peach last year!

I ordered a Blushingstar white peach from Stark Bros, and will be getting it at the end of this month. I got it on the recommendation of many folks on here.

Thanks for the shout out Subdood. Actually, of all the white peaches mentioned on the thread, I don’t grow any of them any more, which is why I haven’t jumped in here.

Most of them were too susc. to bac. spot for my area. White Lady was horrid for me on bac. spot. Sugar May wasn’t very flavorful for my area with traditionally heavy spring rains. Even Blushingstar, with it’s high reputation, was pretty mediocre on the flavor front, plus it also had a good amount of bac. spot. Indian Free was a nice blend of sweet tart, but again was pretty susc. to bac. spot for me.

I haven’t tried Arctic Supreme, but I’m I pretty sure it wouldn’t work for me. There are very very few California developed peaches which work for me in the Midwest under commercial planting. Even O’henry which does well in my backyard, is a challenge to grow when placed among hundreds of peach trees.

OK, but I recall you did have some good results with some whites, but I can’t remember which ones did well. Which one was the record setter, wasn’t it a Lady Nancy?

Is Peregrine an option there?

“OK, but I recall you did have some good results with some whites, but I can’t remember which ones did well. Which one was the record setter, wasn’t it a Lady Nancy?”

Well, I’ve figured out it gets pretty subjective when it comes to peach flavors. Sort of like music.

Speaking… this is probably my favorite song. Donnie Iris was almost 60 years old when he performed this live. So amazing he could still hit the notes. I like this song so much, I have a pair of his trademark black rim glasses, I sometimes wear when I drive. I’m thinking of Spring Snow as my preferential white peach, when I listen to this…:sunglasses:

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Wasn’t he the singer on the Wild Cherry hit “Play that funky music”?

No, that’s a good guess though. Donnie Iris was really a few hit wonder. He played in a few un-notable bands before he formed his few hit band, Donnie Iris and the Cruisers.

I don’t know…I’m pretty sure he was with Wild Cherry first…we better go to wiki or you tube on this!

EDIT: I was close! THe way I read it, he was indeed with WIld Cherry but after their song “Play that Funky Music (white boy)”.

From Wiki:
Donnie Iris (born Dominic Ierace on February 28, 1943) is an American rock musician known for his work with the Jaggerz and Wild Cherry during the 1970s, and for his solo career beginning in the 1980s with his band, the Cruisers. He wrote the # 2 Billboard hit, “The Rapper”, with the Jaggerz in 1970 and was a member of Wild Cherry after the group had a #1 hit with “Play That Funky Music.”

Oh, your right Cityman. Wiki corrected!

I sort of seem to like bands/singers who have sparce one hit wonders. Maybe like peach varieties!

While we are talking music, I also love the hit from David Bowie “Rebel Rebel”

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WE should start a music thread over in the lounge. I think me and you have pretty similar music taste! I love Bowie. WHen I was younger I always sort of felt like I couldn’t admit that because of his ziggy stardust persona which didn’t go over so well here in the south where we can all be a little close minded. Same for Elton John. But good music is good music, darn it!


Bowie, ended up being happily married to a very beautiful ebony model. I always thought it a bit funny he described his early years as a closet heterosexual. That’s something that will give you pause. :upside_down:

Also, I’ll say I like almost all kinds of music, mostly if it gives me a goose bump or two. One of my favorite southern songs is, “If that ain’t country, I’ll kiss your a@#$%” by David Allen Coe, probably because that’s a lot how I grew up. Likewise I pretty much know every Hank Williams Jr. song by heart.

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I saw the youtube thumbnail and thought to my self, “Who the hell is Donnie Iris?” Then when I started listening to the song I said, “Holy crap I’ve heard that song many times before and had no clue who sung it”. That is a great song.

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Thank you guys for responding!
Now I only have a "no name " white peach, which was doing pretty well in my area. I bought a salad fruit tree which has a July Elbert peach and Independence nectarine two years ago. Peach branch first didn’t grow and then died. I started to love grafting from last year. We had four big flowering pear trees in my backyard. I bought a 4 -1 Asian pear tree two years ago. It grew so slow. My friends adviced me to graft asian pear to flowering pear trees. I did last year. I also grafted peach, apple, and persimmon. Wow, grafted parts grew very fast on established trees. I had fifteen established fruit trees and I will work those trees. I wish I can exchange scions with you guys here.
I am also looking for hardy Asian persimmon scions for my zone 6B. I had fire crystal, chocolate, and Jiro. I heard ichy and saijo are very hardy and can survive the winter here. I ordered ichy big persimmon tree from starkbro a few days ago and haven’t received yet. I am still looking for saijo.

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Here, I paste my peach tree with fruits.


Nice clean peaches,