Anyone have feijoa recipes?

Good gosh, I made 3 jars of jam and am storing almost 8 cups of pulp in the freezer. Making some feijoa infused vodka for a liqueur, but these things keep coming! Does anyone have any good recipes? No wine, my wife refuses to have fermentation in the house because it makes it smell like a brewery.


How do you like the jam? What other kinds of jams are your favorite, for context?

The jam is good to me because I grew up in the tropics and had a pink guava tree at the family house. Probably should strain some more and make jelly as my wife doesn’t like the grainy texture. I made persimmon jam last year from my fuyus. I just keep doing it because it’s cheaper than buying store jam for my pecan butter sandwiches!

Maybe some kind of layer cake might work? Anyone tried this before?

A cake would not incorporate many fruits, but you could try substituting feijoa in place of calamondin (kalamansi) in those cake recipes.

I have found that the complex nature of this fruit from rind to flesh to the gelatinous centers, and all the complex and varying flavors from fruit to fruit, are largely lost during processing to other forms (including jam).

Perhaps quantities of fruit could be used in a sherbet recipe, if some rind were ground into the pulp in order to hold the flavor in a frozen product.

If you have any hog farms nearby, try feeding a few to the pigs, I have wondered how they would react to feijoa.

This topic might be useful, if you have not already run across it.