Anyone have Hunza apricot or Aprium scion cuttings?

Inspired by this forum, I’m thinking about grafting over my Chinese apricot to see if any other varieties can handle the spring here better. Thinking of one scaffold of Hunza, an aprium variety, and Canadian White Blenheim (which I have already). I don’t know that apriums would do any better but thinking maybe the plum makes their blossoms a little tougher…

Is it too late in the season to bark or cleft graft? I’m trying to pick up as much as I can - and so far I’ve gathered that if the scion wood is still dormant I can still try?

Anyone with Hunza let me know what I can exchange you :slight_smile:

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Did you check with Bob Purvis? He is in your area and will know what works and sells scions of a great many cots.

I grew Hunzas for ten years and they didn’t bloom enough later to help me. Hoyt Montrose is my favorite later bloomer.


Oh, wow that is very cool I didn’t know about him at all. Very much in my area. Thanks for the heads up!

I talked to one Boise apricot grower who has had success with Hunza here - but just one. Hoyt Montrose sounds worth a scaffold.