Anyone recognize this Grape?

It’s growing in Port Orchard,. WA.
Picked 5 gallons yesterday for wine.
Clusters up to 7-8 inches
Full, but not tight.

How did it taste? Maybe himrod? Seedless?

It has seeds.
And there’s no hint of any Labrusca flavor.
It’s not Himrod, but thanks for asking.

This page has a very good table of different varieties and types.

Maybe Vidal blanc? I can try to grab a pic of leaves at the vineyard tomorrow if I can remember.

My guess would be Ortega grape. There are plenty of nurseries in the area that sell it. Niagara is also very popular, but a labrusca. Could be a Riesling?

I know that it’s not Riesling. That is a pure vinifera with tight clusters. May be a French Hybrid.

Definitely some variation in the leaves, ampelography is a dark art.


Here’s a few more pics.

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Brix was just above 15, not great, but the fall rains have arrived. I added a bit of sugar and it’s fermenting now.

Sorry edit out wrong thread (thought it was concord thread)

Could that have Vitis Acerifolia (acerifolia (as in maple leave for the latin name)
I wouldn’t count on it, but looks a little like that native grape

maybe you should email someone (I can help with cliff ambers email (one trying to identifying Norton)
if you want he is nice , and sent me seeds He breed (does not have any available though now)

Yes, I know Cliff Ambers.
He’s big on breeding native American grapes.
Great guy.