Anyone seen this?

I found a few applets spread throughout the orchard and varieties that have developed a raised bumpy area that, at this size, covers an entire side of the fruitlet.

When I cut it open there is a dark line almost like a sediment line that archeologists find.

Has anyone seen this type of condition?

Then I found a single applet that seemed to develop two bumps at the calyx end. Probably just a mutant.

See below



Do you suppose it could be some sort of frost damage?

Most of my apples looked like that the first year or two they fruited.


These trees are 5 to 7 years old and all have been fruiting for years.

I was wondering if this was due to some damage from sprays but then it should have been much more widespread


Almost every tree I have puts out a few mutated fruits. I have no idea of cause, but has had no ill affects on the tree or other fruits.


I guess you are right. I don’t see evidence that this is some widespread issue.

Will keep an eye on it and will report if anything substantial changes.