Anyone trying shitaake growing?

I’ve gotten hold of a lot of plugs with shitake, I’m not sure what species of wood will be ok. I have some honey locust and some juniper- I might be able to get others if I look (I’m not sure where to look, but I can figure that out)

if I damp them, mulch over for winter, and keep in the shade will they flush in spring? they do grow here I’ve seen others do this way, but I’m not sure if they’re doing anything extra.


I have done it. You should use oak. Juniper won’t work, not sure about honey locust. Shiitake literally translates to oak mushroom. Once they are inoculated, keep them in the shade and sprinkle if needed.

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Yeah they’re real easy on oak. Best to cut logs in spring before leaf out. In humid climate shade is all you need.

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I’ll probably store the plugs until spring or late fall, it says either are all right. I guess in the fridge? and will look for oak!