Anyone use a weed burner in their orchard?

I have one of those torch style weed burners that I use to start bonfires and control weedy growth along a drainage ditch near the house. This time of year the weeds under the trees are getting pretty bad. I mulch heavily but by mid summer the weeds are growing in the mulch. I’ve been hand picking them but it’s a futile effort. I rarely get the root end of the weed and it seems like a couple days later the weeds come back. Instead of roundup I thought about using the weed burner. But wondered about potential damage to the trees due to the crazy hot heat.

Has anyone successfully used a weed burner to control weeds under trees?

I tried using one in my work vegetable garden. Kind of scared me! I was worried the various debris on the ground was going to catch fire, but it was dry when I tried it.

I’ve had good luck with a torch in the garden on small weeds between rows. The best luck I’ve had in the orchard Is mowing. Think roundup is great in some situations but I use less than a pint a year. If it’s grass I just mow it but if I see bad weeds absolutely wipe them out before they seed. As far as the torch goes like roundup You just need to be very careful. Maybe take a piece of sheet tin or something with you to block yourself from burning the trunk or getting roundup on the tree.may I ask how big the trees are? It would work better on the big ones as the small ones are very sensitive.

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The trees are small Clark. Mostly first and second leaf trees. I thought about taking a piece of aluminum rain gutter and cutting it lengthwise to stick it around the tree truck while using the burner.

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I use a burner off and on. Its great in spring when the ground is wet and there are many small weeds you can easily nip in the bud. On bigger weeds and later in summer its much less helpful and you always need to be alert for fires. I had a couple scares where I thought all was out but noticed smoke in the yard a few hours later … beware.


Weed burners always sound good but if the weeds are a problem I would use something else since the trees are small. Round up if you turn the pressure and spray down to nothing staying a couple of inches from the ground should turn out fine. Do it on a perfect calm day and just do a couple of your least favorite trees first. My friend @39thparallel keeps a bucket of water with him in case he over sprays the tree he can wash it off immediately.