Anyone use Mels mix in their garden bed?

So I’ve done a little bit of reading on various mixes for garden beds. One that is mentioned quite a bit is Mels mix which is 1/3rd vermiculite, 1/3rd peat moss and 1/3rd compost. As it turns out after a bit of googling, I have a bulk supplier of all those materials near me which would allow me to fill my raised beds with Mels mix very inexpensively. Anyone here use this mix in their raised beds? Does it work well for strabwerries? Any information is appreciated!

I’ve done it for few beds so far. Two of which are currently hosting asparagus and strawberries. So far no complaints. The mix stays very easy to weed and sift through!

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I wouldn’t bother using vermiculite. It tends to compress relatively quickly and lose any benefits. Just a waste of $$$.

I used in my raised beds before I moved, and just refilled them at my new house with it. Weeds pull right out, and it holds just the right moisture. I’ve been very happy with it. But, I have 4 2x4 beds, so it’s not super expensive to fill them.