Anything to know about grafting persimmons?

I have a Jiro Fuyu persimmon on Citation rootstock and I’d like to graft Hachiya onto it in the spring. I noticed that there are no persimmon multi-grafts available at any of the big nurseries on the west coast and am curious - is there something problematic or troublesome about grafting persimmons?

Persimmons tend to drop branches as they mature. I have a couple homemade multigrafts that are doing well after several years, but it’s something to be aware of. I think it’s more prevalent on American than Kaki persimmons, FWIW.

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What ampersand said. D.virginiana self-prunes lower branches as it ages and those lower branches become shaded by the upper ones. So… a ‘multi-variety’ tree will eventually lose most, if not all, of its grafted varieties as the tree ages.

Citation? Is that a typo? Only Citation I was aware of is a stonefruit (Prunus) rootstock… would not be compatible with persimmon…

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