Aphids attraction to specific apple varieties

Everyone talks about specific apple varieties resistance to fire blight, CAR, rust, etc but I’m curious about varieties and their attraction of aphids.

I have 9 apple varieties (Akane, Honeycrisp, Suncrisp, Chehalis, Williams Pride, Pink Lady, Summerred, Fuji, Goldrush). 2 in particular seem to have a problem with aphids (Sunscrips and Chehalis). Any idea why certain apple varieties attract aphids?

5 of my trees are potted and are first year grafted whips. Those trees set next to each other and I’m constantly squishing green aphids off the youngest leaves on the sunscrisp tree. I’ve never seen an aphid on any of the other 4 trees even though they are close enough to touch each other.

Has anyone else noticed this and if so what apple varieties seem to attract aphids in your area?

Egremont russet, wickson, and baldwin for me

I have aphids on my fuji

I’ve never had too much of an aphid problem with any of my apple varieties on my frankentree, but codling moth show a distinct fondness for my Liberty apples and always completely ignore yellow delicious growing right with the Libs. I remember it was discussed on a thread earlier: (The thread developed from this one about fireblight.)

I have had practically no aphid issues this year.

I don’t know if it was the weather but I did try to control aphids by aggressively pruning off the new shoots .

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that’s my trees are ESPALIERS so this method may not be as easy for non-espaliered trees.

But if your tree has reached its desired size …why not