Apple and pear leaves tiny, curled, and overabundant

Anyone recognize this? One plant is a boskoop on b118, other is a rootstock from an asian pear; there is a line of trees including 1 more apple, a euro pear, and a few plums which all leafed out normally but i am wondering what to do for these guys

image image image

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I should probably add it looks kinda like how fireblight can curl the leaves into “dying claws” but the apple looked like this all last year, I had waited to see if it somehow got better this year and it clearly is not…

Did you spray any roundup?


hmm…that is interesting…I try not to hit the trunk but did use roundup to weed control the bare ring beneath them…

it looks like at least given a few seasons it might recover, hopefully…

Since calcium immobilizes it I was thinking a foliar spray might help, but can’t find anything about that. I had it happen to a young fig once and unfortunately it didn’t make it through the winter.

I had a branch on a Honeycrisp on b9 rootstock that had a branch that looked like that last year. I pruned it back last summer, and took the rest of the branch off this winter. Never figured out what it was, but none of my other trees got anything like that, and no where else on the HC did that happen. This spring all leaves look normal on that HC.

Next time maybe use a wick stick. Weed Thief | Handheld Wick Herbicide Applicator | BarnDoor Ag

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When I spray roundup around young fruit trees I use a large piece of corrugated cardboard bent in the middle as a shield. I hold it close to the young tree trunk and spray around one side of the tree. Then flip the shield and spray around the other side.

Works great and no herbicide damage from getting roundup on the trunk. On older fruit trees with heavy corky bark I skip using my shield as not necessary.