Apple ID, please

Hello everyone,

I have this three year old tree purchased from Raintree nursery which is supposed to be Shizuka variety. Last year when it had its first three apples I started to doubt it because Shizuka is a late apple ripenning in October and the apples from this tree were overripe in the beginning of September.
So this year I am going around this apple tree and trying to decide when the apples will be really ripe. I already ate several apples from this tree and the taste was good. Today I found first completely overripe apple on it, I mean completely mushy and tasteless with the skin piling off and now I am completely sure that it is not Shizuka. Does anyone grow Shizuka apple and can confirm that it does not look like it?
Here are the pictures of the few apples I took today.

Does anyone have suggestions what can it be? Does it look like Pristine to you?
The tree is definitely grafted. I looked on Raintree website and I did not find anything that looked similar and ripened that early.
The fruits are yellow with some russeting all over the skin. On some fruits the russeting takes about 30-40% of the skin. The flesh is firm and coarse with what I can say nutty flavor. Unripe fruit have some acid but the ripe ones are mainly sweet. Does not brown much. The tree naturally has very good branch structure, precocious and easily sets fruits.
What it can be?

Yes, it does look like my Pristines when they are russeted. Some are some are not.

Thank you @mrsg47. I would be happy if it turns out to be Pristine apple. I went ahead and picked all the rest of the apples from the tree. Here is another picture.

I looked Pristine apple pictures and my apples seem to be too much russeted for this variety. But they may russeting more in our climate, we have a lot of hot and dry sun.
Their flash is very firm, it feels almost dry. And they are very sweet almost too sweet for me :slight_smile:. I’ll try to contact Raintree nursery and ask what they think about it.

That’s interesting about the russeting, I thought they were supposed to be pretty smooth in texture. I’ll keep that in mind, we planted a Pristine on M.7 rootstock this year, and get some pretty intense sun here. But it’ll be a couple of years before we’ll get to find out.

How long did it take for your Pristine to come into production? From what I’ve read from you and others who have it, it is a really good apple, especially considering it’s very early. I kind of selected it based on what I read about it on GW, and other sites. Are you going to have any this year?

Hmm… I’m surprised it is so russeted if it is Pristine. Also if they are baking in the sun they should have more red blush to them, I think. Here are two from east central Iowa from a small commercial outfit. I guess the one has some russet, but I wonder if it wasn’t from some sort of insect damage.

Do you use copper or sulfur as fungicide?

@subdood_ky_z6b and @Levers101,

I am still not sure if it is Pristine. Pristine skin looks glossy and orange-ish with grey dots under the skin. Exactly like on the Level’s picture. My apples look different, they are not smooth and glossy and the color will be light yellow without any blush. They had plenty of sun. Some of them were inside plastic bags, the others were protected with blue footies. I had several apples which were sunscalded and turned brown on the sides. But none of them have any blush. I had not used much fungicides, may be one time during the summer and probably a couple times I used insecticides.

The taste of this apples is very sweet with very little to no acid when they are ripe, the taste of Yellow delicious apple. The taste of Pristine is supposed to be tart and sweet. I’ve read the reports on this forum saying that Pristine apples are too tart for them. Also my apples have that very firm dense flesh, that feels dry when you chew it, although apples are not really dry they have enough juice in them. I think this type of texture should be in russeting apples, but all russeting varieties ripen very late in the season.
I would like that somebody who have the experience with Pristine apples and ate a lot of them to chime in and say if Pristine can have such appearance or taste as a variation of environmental conditions. Pristine sound like the most fit option, but it does not match exactly.
Any other early yellow apples I should look at?

Pristine is sweet but tart. It is perfect for applesauce. These are what my Pristines looked like.

Mary my apples were in bags which is why they are not so russeted but you can see some russeting.l


Your Pristine apples are indeed pristine and beautiful. Thank you for the reference, I have more proof that my apples are of different variety, though.
I sent email to the Raintree nursery and I hope that they’ll found the answer. If it was a mass mistake in grafting, they might be discovered it already.

If not a Pristine, could it be a Lodi? Similar harvest time and color to the Pristine. But, they say Lodi’s are tart, and you said yours aren’t.