Apple ID: Reine des Reinettes?

Hi everybody,

Our apple trees are bearing fruit for the first time this year, and in a couple of cases it’s leading me to ask question about whether they are what I thought they were. In this case, I’m wondering whether the apple pictured below looks like it really is Reine des Reinettes.



Pictures of Reine des Reinettes that I’ve seen suggest a flatter and rounder shape (oblate, I think the term is), with less pronounced ribbing and a spattering of russet. This apple is essentially unrusseted, taller than I would have expected, and has fairly prominent ribs (not to the point of a Calville Blanc or Catshead type, but pretty pronounced). This has been generally true of the other apples from this tree.

As far as taste goes, I haven’t had a chance to sample a ripe one yet (actually found this one sitting balanced in the tree, having fallen from the branch above). The one I did try mainly tasted unripe.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give with the ID!

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