Apple musings from the yard!

Hi everyone! Its been a while, I should post here more often.
I’ve bookmarked the site and will read and post most often.
I see this site has blossomed since I was last here 2 years ago-ish. Congrats Scott!

My frankencrab died a while back and the root system on that tree was always a mystery to me, it was a weeping crab called Red Jade, it took a ton of USDA GRIN research to figure that out. Anyway, when the tree was dying of crown rot it shot up a bunch of suckers about 15 feet from the tree out in the sunny area.

I took some barely viable wood from the tree labeled Pomme Gris and grafted onto the suckers that spring.
Its been 5 years since that grafting and this tree is about to bloom for the first time, about 10 blossom clusters I’ve counted.

Its scion is wood I got from Geneva, so I still havent verified it is what they said it was (I have no reason to think its wrong), but this tree is a bit of a mystery still. The tree is a skyscraper now after 5 years, estimating its about 15’ tall and upright in growth. I have no idea what rootstock this is, I thought it was M7 based on the suckering habit of the old tree, but I’m starting to think its not, as there is no suckering on this regraft. Trunk diameter is already more than 2"

Another mystery is a tree I just had custom grafted by Cummins during their custom graft special a couple of years ago, Reine des Reinettes on G.935 (it was supposed to be G.210, not complaining!). I’ve started looking into Reine des Reinettes vs. King of The Pippins again and now i’m convinced more than ever that they are 2 different varieties. I posted this conundrum on the old forum and didnt get much consensus on the matter other than “environmental variables”, but both specimens reside in Geneva and have pictures. Anyway, I’m hoping they gave me Reine des Reinettes as it appears on the USDA site, and thats what its labeled as. No idea what I have in the ground now until it fruits, maybe the mystery will continue.


I ordered another custom grafted tree Belle de Boskoop, on G.210 and im starting to wonder how tall this one will end up being. I had Belle de Boskoop on the Frankencrab before it died and the vigor of that part of the tree was otherworldly, very fast growing, very thick wood. Any educated guesses on mature height? Based on what I’ve seen out of the wood before and documentation on G.210 I’m thinking 18’ might not be a stretch.

I have one more G.935 rootsock planted and growing in the yard and I’ve been debating on a variety that I’ve come across in USDA database thats intrigued me, but I’m confused what to make of it. Its called Reinette Grise, but doesnt look like Reinette Grise du Canada or Reinette du Canada. Dan Bussey on NAFEX said its really good. Anyone out there grown or tasted this one?

Reinette seems to be French for “Mystery”.

Its good to be back! Fun hobby!


Welcome back!!

My Reine de Reinette on B9 was in a partial shade for 2 years and has not done much. I just moved it last week to a sunnier spot and prune it back to get the structure I want. I probably det it back a year or two.

I have always thought Reine de Reinette and King of the Pippins are two different varieties. @scottfsmith probably has answers to this.

Is it possible you actually grafted onto a seedling instead of a rootstock sprout?

This Reine des Reinettes gets about 6 hours of sun, most of the trees in my yard get this amount, im surrounded by forest.

Not exactly sure, as the tree this root is from is over 30 years old, I’ve been in the house 12 years.
I never did see a graft union on the tree, but it was around 12 feet tall and was a weeper.

This is what a Red Jade looks like: