Apple pollination?

So i have some extra trees in my nursery & im freeing up some space.

I am transplanting to a buddies house tomorrow as a gift.

Zestar! (G30)
Roxbury Russet (G30)
Pinova (G30)
King David (sweet crab/malus coronaria)

My question is all are later flowering groups 3/4 to where Zestar! Is considered 1, perhaps they would overlap enough?

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Zestar blooms over a decent stretch of time. It might have some trouble with the earliest blooming buds getting pollinated by the others, but it also blooms with some of the early-blooming ornamental crabs.

Zestar is also a partial tip-bearer/highly precocious. I got hit with a freeze last year on 4/9-4/10 (I think) and it mostly set fruit on 1-year old wood rather than spurs. The spur flowers were damaged badly in the freeze, but the 1-year old wood flowers were farther behind and were spared.


Thanks @Levers101