Apple Stencil? I don't know what to call it!

A few years ago I started growing high anthocyanin tomatoes. As they only go black where the sun hits I cut some masking tape and made crude letters and put them on the ripening tomatoes and was able to put my kid’s initials on them. Not all that neat, but heaps of fun.

I started thinking if a similar thing could be done with apples. I struggled to search as I don’t know what terms to use that don’t provide results about the apple company.

Then I stumbled across this:

Has anyone tried this with apples or other fruit? When would I apply the sticker?

I love the idea of putting a portrait on an apple.

We did some when I worked for a orchard in college. Mostly Husker Football related. Very labor intensive but a fun little novelty that drew some attention. Have to apply them before the apples start to turn red.

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So what is the best (re easiest) way to do it?

I was thinking of printing the stencil out, using a scalpel to cut out the black parts, but am unsure how best to attach the stencil to the apple. Could I use that clear contact stuff that kids put on school books?

As @TurkeyCreekTrees says, I assume it will be a lot of work. I think my kids would enjoy it, plus I may take one to work to show off, so it has enough novelty value to give it a go.

Just a thought-

you need a flexible, maybe stretchable material, but also opaque; I wonder whether stretch film might work. You’d have to go over it with a marker.

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The ones we used were clear, self adhesive stickers, the lettering was in black to block the sunlight from hitting the apple skin.

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