Apple Tart Tatin

If any of you have an abundance of tart pears or apples, this is the dessert for you! It serves six generously or eight if you make your slices thinner. Ice cream on the side is a waste. While it is baking your kitchen will smell like a fab French bakery. MrsG


Wow that looks really deicious! Thanks for posting!

I have Gold Rush that may not ever be fully ripe this year. Unripe GR may have enough acid and texture for this recipe. If I could convince my head chef to do it, Iā€™d use my GR for it.

This recipe looks like it was created before Gold Rush was born,

The apples are pretty cooked before they are baked! Yep its old and really good!

Just found another great apple recipe for Apple Tarte Normandy

Go do and in search type in Apple tart Normande.
The receipt uses apples, cream and calvados, the apple brandy Normandy is known for. Try it with your store winter apples, its a treat!!! His crust recipe is delicious too.