Apple tree damage. Help!

Hi all. I have a 7 year old apple tree that I planted last spring, and it has been doing well until this past week. I just noticed my outside cats have shredded the trunk! :astonished:

So far none of the leaves are wilty and it hasn’t dropped any blossoms, so I’m assuming it isn’t bad enough to affect that yet. Is there something I can paint on it to help it heal, and not dry out so bad? I’ve put one of those tree protector hose things on to keep the cats from scratching further. Is that enough?


We are semi desert here. Very dry and +30°C quite steady through the summer. I know, I know, what the heck am I doing trying to grow an apple tree in the first place? Ha Ha! But I am.

Any suggestions would be really appreciated.

id just let it do its thing. sometimes covering it is worse than letting the tree heal naturally. the tree protector will help some by keeping the sun from hitting it.


Well, first thing, I’d get some hardware cloth on it, so the cats don’t do further damage. I would consider shading the trunk with some shade cloth, (not directly against the trunk, though) as well. But as @steveb4 says, I wouldn’t dress the tree itself with anything. It’s not that badly damaged, and a young, vigorously growing apple will callus and cover the wounds I can see very easily.


What they said… And give the cats a scratching post :wink:


Will the plastic hose trunk protector be enough do you think? It’s shaded with that and the cats aren’t scratching it anymore.

I’m not sure why the cats need to pick on my little tree when they literally have 300 fence posts surrounding the yard, and scrap lumber piles, and my deck posts​:woman_facepalming:… cats… but they have pushed back all the gophers who were equally as hard on things, if not harder. Maybe I’ll continue to put up with the cats. :wink:

Yes, if it keeps the cats off and is loose on the tree, that’s great.


Great, thanks all!

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