Apple tree help

Hello everyone! I’m new to fruit trees so I wanted to run a few pictures by you to see…a.) how you think they are growing, b.) any pruning tips? and c.) it looks like they have gotten something going on. this just happened in the past 2 weeks or so.

I’ve had both trees since fall of 2017. We’ve taken down some trees behind them late spring this year to get them more sun. The bigger of the two is a honeycrisp and the smaller is a red delicious

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first set is the HC

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2nd set is the RD.

We’ve spray for the copper fungus before.

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any ideas on this?

I’d also like some opinions on how to prune these young trees and if I’m even supposed to or just let them go.

Looks good to me. Don’t worry about pruning until February. You have some nice scaffold branches to choose from to select a permanent structure. Check out @SkillCult pruning videos on youtube. I like the way he describes delayed open center / modified central leader pruning. Ideally, you would select a branch at 12 o’clock, up a foot 6 o’clock, up a foot 3 O’clock, up a foot 9 o 'clock.

thanks! I’ll check it out