Apple Varieties Input Requested

Hi there, All,

I have quite a few apple trees on order, but a few that I am still considering but am not sure about yet.

Please share your input on the tree and the fruit, if you have any experience with these varietes.

I am in zone 8A, Mediterranean climate, 4200 ft elevation, Northern California.

Api Etoile
Orleans Reinette (or, what is the best reinette variety?)
Staymen’s Winesap (I have Arkansas black, is this one too similar, or no?)
White Limbertwig
Victoria Limbertwig
Myer’s Royal Limbertwig

Thank you in advance, for any input.


I chose to add:
Api Etoile
Newtown Pippin
Staymen Winesap
Myer’s Royal Limbertwig
Hopefully I chose well.

You are in a location you should be able to have most varieties if you like…I think.
As for Arkansas Black being like winesap? The thought never crossed my mind and I have both.

I thought I had seen some info saying the AB might have Winesap heritage…don’t know if it is true or not.

I have not tried either apple, have you? If so, do they seem substantially different?

I do think apples will do well. I currently have Golden Delicious, Arkansas Black, Fuji, Honeycrisp and Mcintosh and I never seem to have a problem with the apple trees so far (knock on apple wood).

No disease, no failure to thrive, bugs don’t even eat the leaves.

I have had issues with peach leaf curl on my nectarine, I guess peaches and nectarines will be my problem kids. Oh and bugs LOVE to each the plum tree leaves.

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I am hoping for input on ease of care and quality of fruit, since I have not tried most of the apples I am ordering trees of. I started with Fuji, Golden Delicious and Honeycrisp, as at least I have tried those…never had a Mcintosh or a Black Arkansas - figure I have to grow them to try them.

I’ve eaten both for many years. It’s true many think they are genetically related.
But, they are more different than your Honeycrisp is to Y.D (and HC has YD in it’s heritage).

I am glad to hear they are different.

Golden is the same as Yellow delicious?

How do you like your Staymen’s Winesap apples? Sweet/sour, crisp or softer, etc?

I have Epi, Victoria and Gold Rush.
Epi is cute and tastes surprising good.
Victoria is late apple for me. It is good but not great.
Gold Rush should be excellent where you are. I like it when it ripens for me (not enough heat wher I am.

You have several small apples, Epi, Victoria, Wickson.

I tagged @jerry here. He is in CA and grow a lot of apples. His comment is more relevant to you than mine.


Golden or YD is same.

I like winesaps in the kitchen first…and for fresh eating later in fall and sometimes into December.

Thank you. I know where Jerry is, I am 3rd generation Petaluma. I moved to a 38-acre forest up in the mountains because I wanted land more than a house and could not afford land in my hometown.

I think I am in a much different climate than where Jerry is, he is coastal I believe?

Have you tried the other Limbertwig varietes?

I have Black LT and Carney Fork. Black tasted fine. Can’t remember Carney Fork’s taste. It must not be that memorable to me.

Your area is hot and dry. Mine is not very hot and often wet so our results of the same varieties may be different.

How dry, arid you are. @HighandDry aka Neil grows a lot of apples in the desert-like environ in NV. He can give you suggestions. Neil has Orleans Reinette and other Reinettes, too.

Regarding winesaps, you mean you like to cook with them and good for storing for later fresh eating? Makes a good pie?

I don’t think I have ever had any kind of winesap apple.

The nursery I am ordering from suggested Myer’s Royal as a first choice and White as a second choice.

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They make a tasty pie…but do cook up more than remain in slices.
Yes, very nice eating apple after it stores a bit…quite sour right off tree …though some people like sour apples.

Apple cobbler. Fried apples. Apple butter. And fresh eating after storing a little. Those are my uses for it.

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Yes, I’m in Point Reyes Station, at the southern tip of Tomales Bay. Shingletown is far north and east of me and at a much higher elevation. However, your climate zone is high enough that my experience might not be entirely irrelevant.

Of the apples that you listed, I grow and have had good results with these:

  • Orleans Reinette
  • Stayman
  • White Limbertwig
  • Myers’ Royal Limbertwig
  • Goldrush
  • Wickson

I have had repeated poor results with Victoria Limbertwig. The fruit had an awful powdery texture here.

Most limbertwigs have done fine for me, however. I’ve had the best results with Red Royal LT, Myers’ Royal LT, and White LT. Caney Fork LT bears well but doesn’t keep as well.

Stayman and Gravenstein are particularly hardy triploids, and bear heavily. Occasionally, and early rain will crack Stayman, but we usually get a good crop in. (Same is true of Wickson.) Spigold is another good triploid here, and early enough to avoid rain damage. Karmijn de Sonneville is, too, but much more tart.

You might consider Grimes Golden and Hunge. They’re early-bearing and healthy, and GG is self-fertile and a good pollen source for many other varieties.

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Thank you, Jerry!

Of the limbertwigs, do you think White or Myer’s Royal is better? Or if equal, are they considerably different in taste/texture?

I think I will stop considering Victoria for now. I don’t want poor texture apples. I also noted that it was not mentioned when asked for a recommendation from the nursery on the 3 limbertwigs in stock.

I have Grimes Golden on my order already.

Here is what I do have on order for February delivery, apple-wise:

Calville Blanc d’Hiver
Belle de Boskoop
Kidd’s Orange Red
Grimes Golden
Golden Russet
Ashmead’s Kernal
Westfield Seek-no-Further
Kind David
Cinnamon Spice

Now considering:
Api Etoile
Orleans Reinette
Staymen’s Winesap
White Limbertwig
Myer’s Royal Limbertwig

Already have:
Golden Delicious
Arkansas Black

Any thoughts on these or any so similar that I shouldn’t get both? I was trying to include some good cooking apples as well as fresh eating. Do you see any that you would not recommend?

I was hoping for diversity - good selection for me and my family and farmers markets, for what we cannot use. Food donation for what we cannot use or sell before quality erodes.

Edited to add: I was also wanting a chestnut crab but cannot find one…heard great things. Okay with having smaller apples - quality is the most important thing.

I thought about Karmijn but they sold out fast.

I want life changing apples. lol. What apple made you fall in love with it, that is what I want to know.

I have had Gravenstein’s, from Sebastopol. I remember liking the apple. It was a long time ago.

Never heard of Hunge and not much about Spigold. I will look into them.

I know most think of Fuji as ordinary, but you all didn’t get a bite of the Fuji I tried off a tree in Santa Rosa 3 decades ago. Never forgot it. That is why I bought a tree - not because of grocery store apples.


You should think about adding a red fleshed apple.
Perhaps Rubaiyat, Lucy Rose, Red King or Baya Marisa…

I have a few dark red apples here or coming:

Kind David
Arkansas Black
Cinnamon Spice

But no red fleshed.

Are they great eating quality or just pretty?

Which do you think is the very best red-fleshed variety?

I think I might not be replying to individual posts correctly…