Apple variety Fenton

Hello everyone, I was at Alber Orchard in Michigan yesterday and bought some Fenton apples.
These are fantastic with good texture, good balance and lots of spice. I have never heard of them and looking for more info. Anyone seen these before? Thinking about getting some scion or a tree for next year.

Most people consider Fenton a synonym for Beacon. Here is some info on Beacon

Beacon- The Beacon Apple is a cross between the Wealthy and Malinda apples. This apple has a white crisp texture. It has a tart juicy flavor and is best for baking.

I have eaten and picked a lot of Beacon over the years. The orchard I worked at in college grew it. It is a fantastic eating apple if eaten the first few days from picking. It does not store well so 5 days after picking they are getting soft and the flavor changes. Very cold hardy apple. Bad news is that it has very uneven ripening.
Commercially we had to pick them every other day as one would ripen and the apple next to it was not ready. Not a great trait for commercial growing. Ok for
the home grower.

So many good early apples out today that Beacon is now hard to find. I have Ginger Gold for lunch today. Dandee Red, Paula Red, Kindercrisp, and Zestar are now all available from commercial orchards around southern WI. All keep a little better than Beacon.

Thanks very much for the information. Reading further about Beacon it seems like this is it for sure.
Right now, I have a bag of these apples and they are really great. Texture isn’t the best but they have some kind of strange flavor that I can’t put my finger on. Very good anyway.