Apples grafted on G890 rootstock

Cow manure seems to be not as good for me . I suspect that that’s because the stuff I buy presumably comes from a feed lot and has a lot of salt licks and high Sodium Chloride content.

I suppose that you should wait a looong time before using such a mixture for indoor use, but I don’t know.

With a 160 chickens you are set. If it were me I would still consider doing the maintenance doses with urea, purely for aesthetic reasons.

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‘Potting mix’ gets over-sold to unsuspecting customers…it’s for starting plants, not for growing plants into large potted or in-ground size. It’s for things like seed starting and filling a big pot to plant annuals or such.

Typically I make my planting soil by mixing some topsoil, or some dirt from failed potted plants in the past, together with some old mulch or chips or peat or sand, depending on need for drainage or organic matter. I’ve never been real concerned on uniformity, but in an authomated irrigation system that might be more necessary.