Apricot attack

All my peaches, nects, apples, & pears are spotless.

But Japanese beetles just showed up.

This is on all my apricots. What might I be looking at.



That is probably peach scab. Its very common on some varieties of apricot. The upper-right one looks like bacterial spot, those smaller spots that are more purple.

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Most of my apricots are coming out this fall.

Replacing them with peaches and nects.

18 fruits on 7 five year old trees and all have this and after total zero last 2 years.


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Mine all look like a variation of that…either scab or spot or both. puget Gold is very ugly this year…last year it was very clean…too much rain early on.

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Is it fool’s gold to try to grow apricots in the East? I’ve considered planting a few, but it seems like they are very difficult to grow in this part of the country- what with the humidity, disease and bloom killing late freezes. In general are they way harder to grow here than peaches?