Apricot Rootstock for Midwest

Right now we’re in drought and my trees are doing fine, but it’s early times

My problem has typically been flooding and wet soil

Yes, bores in our area. That’s scary. I’m not seeing nurseries with Manchurian & Tomcot. It’s like all the people grafting commercially stopped using Manchurian. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Manchurian is a seedling and therefor less predictable, also larger. So it doesn’t provide the uniformity commercial growers and nurseries look for.

My ideal height for an apricot would be under 12’.

You do get hit with more storms. They skirt me and hit the highway for you. When I checked my extension, Citation was not listed. They had a Nemaguard & Marianna listed too. Almost no one has apricots to be found on those rootstocks. Do you have to stake your trees on Citation? My apple tree is now permanently staked. That straight line wind has been bad. A guy up the road all his fruit trees lean so bad. And none are over 8 feet.

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I’ve never had to stake my nects on Citation, but they’ve never managed to fruit yet, so I can’t really tell how well they’ll do under a fruit load. This year, the older one looks like it might give it a test.

It wasn’t easy to find the nects on Citation, but because of the flooding problem, I really wanted to try it

My apple tree is a dwarf. I have no idea the rootstock. I bought it from the largest orchard in our area. It’s fallen over twice. It could not support the weight of the bushel of apple last fall. On that side of my property, the top soil is not as deep as where I want to plant the apricot. The clay soil helped it bounce back up. 12-15 feet is do able size apricot tree if it gets a good anchor in the soil.
I’m hoping to order a tree from Bay Laurel this fall. Then I won’t worry about another crop failure from Raintree & another growing year behind. Based on this group, I guess I’m learning to graft on scions like Goldcot. I wish we were zone 7. I’d get a Summer Delight aprium. I love read all the reviews on here. I have one more spot to plant a tree down the street at my sister’s house.

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