Apricot seeds sprouting in October - argh!

I saved seeds of delicious Anya apricots. Last year I saved them at room temperature and only a couple sprouted. This year I made sure to cold stratify them. I put them in the fridge and forgot about them. My plan was to plant them in January, which is spring if you are in San Diego. Maybe February.

I have about 15 seedlings this time. But they have sprouted out already. Which option would you choose (or something different?)

Option 1 - put them back in fridge, tell them sorry little guys, you can’t come out yet
Option 2 - plant them now. Broccoli does fine planted now. Maybe apricots will do okay.
Option 3 - plant them in pots, put them in the garage under grow lights, etc. Not really an option for me anyway because that sounds like way too much work.
Option 4 - any better ideas?

Lesson learned - cold stratify them in fridge, but only in synch with seasons, maybe I should have put them in the fridge in October, not June.

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