Apricot tree 2022

Hi everyone! This poor tree is still trying. It’s been in the same pot for about 4 years and doesn’t grow much but seems to fruit ok. I think It was flowering late Jan (Jan 28-edit) .

Feb 13 -I did thin out quite a few fruit. I kept the biggest and spaced out what I could.


Could this tree be putting all its energy in fruiting and not left with anything for new growth? Try thinning as much as you can for a trial.

Very well could be. I’ll harvest the fruit and plant the tree in the ground, see if it survives :smiley:

Update: I thinned out some fruit and then a few more fell off. I am left with 17 fruit.


Looking good! What variety is the Apricot?

Thanks and I have no clue. The tag was lost 4 years ago. It’s a hardy one down to zone 5a/b

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I hadn’t been out back in a few days and surprise! They are starting to ripen! April 27
Here are a few shots! Oh I remembered, it is a Wenatchee Moorpark apricot.


That’s going to be awesome. Size looks really good.

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