Apricot variety?

Because apricots have a short harvest time I would like to plant two different varieties in one hole to extend the harvest time. I would like a variety that is very similar in flavor if there is one because I like the rich flavor of the blenheim. Would appreciate any suggestions. I was thinking of tomcot or brittany gold because of their harvest times but haven’t tasted either of them.

Blenheim seems to taste much better in certain climates than others. Those in mild CA near coastal climates seem to like it best. I see you are Z10a so maybe that’s where you are. So you might want to check with local growers or your nearest CRFG chapter.

I am on the central coast and I’ll check with CRFG. Thanks

I’m inland (about 50 miles east of Oakland), so it’s really a different climate than on the coast. Blenheim here tends to have pit burn, which bakes the fruit from the inside. My best performers so far have been Tomcot and Moorpark.

You might consider Alameda Hemskirke. It is more of a classic apricot flavor than Blenheim, but a very good apricot (in my opinion) in California coastal valleys. It begins ripening a few weeks after Royal Blenheim. There are also varieties of Blenheim, like Steindorf, that ripen after Royal Blenheim.

not believe that they have a short crop years if, but now there are very early varieties that ripen in April and the later ripen in August or September