Sorry, i mispelled my apricot tree. I meant blenheim not blenteim.


Hi, welcome on board. I lived in Akron for few years and went to Akron U, go Zips!. I think your apricot should be fine. I have apricot tree here for many years in Chicago where winter is colder than Ohio


Here at Rural King and here’s their apricots. Apples behind them.


Tried to read the names of the varieties, what were they?


IL847 Thanks for your response.


Blenheim is prone to rot, it can be a hard one to grow outside of the west coast. It can do well for a few years as it takes 4-5 years for the brown rot fungus to really take hold. Once it develops you can still control it with sprays but it takes some attention.


Thanks for the advise Scott. I do spray my Benheim twice a year. Hopefully that will preven root rot fungus. For now it’s doing well. All i can do now is hope for the best.


You probably lucked out last night. I had ice in my hose at 5:30 when I went to turn the sprinkler on my apricot and a couple sweet cherries. I’m pretty concerned about all my stuff now. 20190509_180115|690x517


I had one y ears ago but it puked on me. Died for no reason. I also would like to try it again. I have moniqui graft that got chomped by a rabbit but i see it is sending a new bud out so hopefully i can grow out the branch againa nd protect it next time.




Japanese plums are very hard to grow in Kansas!”

That’s interesting Clark. Japanese plums are very easy to grow in NW OR, but apricots are really difficult.
John S


just put in a adirondack gold apricot. supposed to be hardy and produce in z3. we’ll see. i love apricots but they are very expensive here.


I planted a couple of them last year. We had -50 degree weather in January after an abnormally warm early winter. I lost a couple apples, a Haskap, and a Romeo dwarf cherry but both Adirondack Gold Apricots are leafing out clear to the top!


Maybe I should replace Harglow


good to hear! got mine just leafing out. thought the few frosts we had would kill of the growth. nope! just kept growing.


Flavor Delight has leafed out…though i haven’t seen any fruit.


Mine is leafing out mainly at the top, on the sprouts I’d like to prune off since they won’t be generating any fruit this year.


I am really shocked. My Harglow apricot has dropped 50% of its small fruitlets. I am sick over this. So much for growing apricots in chilly weather! I am so disappointed. Not even June!!!



Bob, I don’t know a thing about that variety. Sorry. By the way, lost all of my apricots this year. Not even one stuck! Very disappointing!


Try growing Shaa kar pareh or whatever it is. The tree flowered super heavily…thought it set a bunch of fruit. Weeks later and it had nothing. I can not find one fruit. That one needs to go. Maybe i’ll save a graft to 2…same with bella gold…nothing. Nice trees if you like blooms and not messing with fruit.