Apriums growing zones and scion request

Pluots seem to be all the rage and the rock stars of the stone fruit world. I currently growing several and will be grafting several more. But my single favorite piece of stone fruit last year was a dark aprium from a club store. It’s one of the reasons I always preferred apples and pears to plums is because I always had to buy from grocery stores. But the Aprium I ate was delicious. I want to attempt growing one in my zone 6. I know apricots are a borderline fruit for my region but I’m going to try to grow them too. What would be considered the most cold hardy aprium?

I don’t want to dedicate a tree spot to one but have room to graft one. If anyone has dormant aprium scions I’d be willing to buy some or exchange anything I have available.

All the ones from Zaiger/DWN are I think still under patent. The ones I’ve tried aren’t better than apricots. My suggestion would be Tomcot or Orangered apricots.

Can you give a better description of the dark aprium? Dark flesh or skin?

Steve. The Aprium was from family tree farms and from looking at their website I’m guessing it is what they called Purple Rose Aprium. It was the only time I’d ever tasted an Aprium. The skin was dark red, slightly fuzzy, and the texture was crisp and very sweet. It was smaller than a pluot, in line with a typical apricot.


I’m planting nadia, have several pluot varieties, and have a nectaplum. Aside from a plumcot or pluerry the Aprium is one of the few mainstream hybrids I don’t have yet.

Im not sure if the above purple rose is a Zeiger fruit even though it calls itself an aprium. I thought aprium was Zeiger specific but I don’t see it on their website

@speedster1, you have Robada and Orangered listed in your profile. Have you ever tried Royal Blenheim? They are the only 'cot that I actually care for. It’s a real old timer and a bit of an outlier. Gotta pick them with a little green on the shoulder and with plenty of blush. Here in California, fruit doesn’t get much better than that.

Clint, I have not tried Royal Blenheim or the Orangered or Robada for that matter. Those are new this year. I’ve only eaten store bought cots and as you’d expect they’ve been hit or miss. I’m still a few years out on eating my own stone fruit. I may get a few pluots this year

Somewhere in my jungle here i have some aprium seedlings… i really need to label this stuff better :slight_smile: I have no idea what they pollinate an aprium with so who knows what becomes of an aprium seedling.

Consider the Hesse Weinberger plumcot. It is a red-skinned apricot that is supposed to taste a lot like Blenheim. I’m hoping my graft fruits for the first time this year.

I read just some info on it and it sounds interesting. Very much like the Purple Rose Aprium I mentioned. The whole interspecific fruit crazy is puzzling. I always thought a plumcot was a non-Zeiger equivalent to a pluot. But the description of Hesse sounds more like an Aprium.

I was reading about intersepcifcs on Dave Wilsons site. They list Plumcot as a simple cross between apricot and plum. They list pluots as “Complex Hybrid crosses” whatever that means. Here is what they say

Interspecific Apricot
Aprium® complex Prunus hybrid primarily of apricot and plum (Prunus armeniaca, Prunus salicina) with dominant parentage of apricot and having fruit resembling apricot
Cultivars: Home Garden, Commercial

Color-Cot™ complex Apricot hybrid (Prunus armeniaca hybrid) having fruit resembling apricot with pubescent skin strongly blushed red or orange-red
Cultivars: Commercial

Peacotum® complex apricot-plum-peach hybrid (P. persica, P. armeniaca, P. salicina) with dominant parentage of apricot and having fruit resembling apricot
Bella Gold cultivar (Home Garden)

Interspecific Nectarine
NectaPlum® Nectarine hybrid (P. persica var. nucipersica hybrid) having fruit resembling nectarine
Spice Zee cultivar (Home Garden)

Interspecific Peach
Peach-Plum Hybrid (P. persica hybrid) having fruit resembling peach
Tri-Lite cultivar (Home Garden)

Interspecific Plum
"Cherry Plum" Hybrid myrobalan plum x Japanese plum (P. cerasifera, P. salicina)
Cultivars: Home Garden

Pluerry™ complex Prunus hybrid, primarily of plum and cherry (P. salicina, P. avium) with dominant parentage of plum and having fruit resembling plum
Candy Heart cultivar (Home Garden)
Sweet Treat cultivar (Home Garden)

Pluot® complex Prunus hybrid with dominant parentage of plum (Prunus salicina) and having fruit resembling plum
Cultivars: Home Garden, Commercial

Plumcot simple cross of plum and apricot (Prunus salicina, P. armeniaca)
Cultivars: Home Garden, Commercial

I found an interesting article here that explains the difference between pluots/plumcots etc. Appears that in the beginning Plumcots were Luther Burbank’s term for a simple 50/50 plum apricot cross. Zeiger then started crossing plumcots with plums to create Pluots. Now some companies are calling their pluot creations or rebranding Zeigers pluots as plumcots. So some modern day plumcots aren’t necessarily 50/50 crosses, they are just rebadged Pluots. The article specifically mentions Family Tree Farms which is the company that distributed the Purple Rose Aprium that I really liked. Based on the description I’m wondering if it could actually be a Zeiger “Color-Cot”.

I like the quote in the last paragraph
“A peach is like your mother: It’s always there for you. A nectarine is like your girlfriend: It’s something really dear and special. A plum is like the harlot down the street: It’ll screw you every time.”

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Purple rose aprium was created by Bradford Genectics.

They also have an interesting peach named, “Bannana peach.”

So how does that work with “Aprium” being a registered trademark of Zeiger? Do they pay a licensing fee to Zeiger for the use of the term Aprium?