Arapahoe Blackberry

Any idea what disease hit just one of my blackberries a week or so ago? I’m new to blackberries. Others- Ponca, Osage, a second Arapahoe are all ok.

It is just your fruiting canes dying off. Just prune them out and leave the non-fruiting canes. Which will bear fruit next year, My Navaho and Baby cakes are doing that now after a heavy crop.

The canes are dying out while they’re still loaded with unripened fruit. I guess all I can do is cut out affected parts and bag it up. I’ve never seen disease on blackberries here; grew Black Satin for 30 years no trouble. Arapahoe taste here is inferior so maybe I’ll just dig up the whole plant. Ponca head and shoulders better so far than Arapahoe or Osage.

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Did you spray any chemicals recently?

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Nope, no chemicals.

i dont like giving advice on peoples stuff… but since you mentioned you grew black satin for 30 years…

How moist is the soil a foot or two or three from the crown?

In a water deficit the canefruits will sacrifice their canes in order to provide the berries with the hydration… So maybe pull back the mulch to see whats going on with the soil. In that stage of red i would load the water to them then pull back to zero water once they start turning color… if no rain is forecasted.

I am only saying this because the leaves look to be turning brown on the edges and curling in…which leads me to the suggestion.

Older more established plants (mine anyways) have roots way into the aisle and sometimes into another row… so they show less signs of stress to me…whereas younger plants do not have that kind of root structure yet…and need irrigation or watering during fruiting…especially with hot weather and lack of rain.

YMMV and just my observation from the pics.


My Arapahoes were a bit on the tangy side for us. Navaho was very good this year. Wish we had planted more. I transplanted my Babycakes and they were not nearly as sweet as last year.
Our Ouachita and Kiowa were 1st year growth so no fruit.

This makes a lot of sense, thank you. This is a young plant, had been in a bit of a drought plus unseasonal heat. Will put the hose on it.