Arboreum is open for orders

A lot of new peach offerings.


But no apricots :frowning: Sucks waiting another entire year!!

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I wanted a Last Chance Peach Tree - with shipping ($56) to the east coast total is $81. That is is expensive for one tree. Anyone know another Nursery selling Last Chance? I had planned on ordering Fairtime and Carnival from but there peaches are on citation rootstock. I don’t want Citation … Anyone have an affordable suggestion for a very late peach like Carnival or Last Chance on Lovell or Bailey?

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I probably will have Last Chance scionwood, contact me in late January if you want to graft.

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They have Tardif de Bordaneil apricot that I wanted to order, but it’s on Lovell, and I don’t like apricots on peach rootstocks. I will try to find scionwood instead.


Why is that? Brady

Sanhedrin has White Heath Cling (maybe a week later than Carnival, per DWN) on Lovell. They also have Fairtime on Nemaguard.

If you prefer to graft, I have both Carnival and White Heath and can send wood.

I’ve always wondered why they charge twice as much for Shui Mi Tao. I wouldn’t think it would be harder to graft and it isn’t under patent protection. This year, I see a few more at an even higher price.

The high priced ones:
de Vigne- $75
Teton de Venus- $75
Sanguine de Tardive- $50
Shui Mi Tao- $50

While they sound like good varieties, it seems a bit steep.

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Hi Bob,

Thanks for the offer on the grafts. I am not there on grafting peaches yet. I ordered some apple rootstock and I am going to try grafting Apples for the first time next year. As far as the pricing from Arboreum I assume they are using the law of supply and demand - they are the only known source in the US for some of the trees. I wanted Last Chance and would like to have tried Teton de Venus but I think I am going to pass. I already have 11 trees on order and $156 for 2 trees is to much.

If I ever get to grafting peaches I might take you up.

Thanks - Spud

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Apricot trees are long-lived (where adapted), while peaches are short-lived, I don’t want to decrease the expected lifespan of my tree. Also, peach rootstock is much more likely to be attacked by peach tree borers; while those are not very common in my area, I don’t want to deal with one more potential pest issue. Finally, Lovell does not like heavy soils, and my soil is heavy clay; I do amend the planting site and plant on a mound, but non-peach rootstocks such as Citation or Myro are better adapted to my conditions.


My soil is as heavy as one can get, my peaches are all on Lovell (on a gentle slope) and my apricots and peaches are growing the best of everything I have, surprisingly! Everyone told me they don’t like clay. I add one cup of gypsum around each tree per year, I was told to do that so they can uptake the nutrients locked up in the clay. Seems to be working. My trees are growing just as well as my brother’s orchard, which was planted at the same time, and he has ideal soil conditions.


Arboreum open with a new website and many selections.

Has anyone tried the Mountain Rose peach or Turkey apricot?

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And they are already sold out of some peaches - incredible in that I missed there site selection go live by about 6 hours. In some ways it is good - there shipping is screwy, 3 trees cost $70.00 to ship, 5 costs $125.00. The cost kept my order in check.

I think we all need to complain about their high shipping fees. My shipping was $210!!! I had to pay it to get my trees reserved - but that was ridiculous.

I think some of their varieties were only one tree available, hence selling out so quickly. But they removed the ability to see quantities.

So it appears that Arboreum is charging $70.00 for a box and a box can contain 4 trees.

Ah. That makes more sense, although still hefty. Thanks for sharing that!! You seemed disappointed that things sold out so early. Anything you had had your heart set on? I gave a heads up last season to them a long list of what I was hoping they would offer this year, and they brought back all of them save two. Perhaps you could do the same for 2020.

I too missed opening, my wife had Monday off and we of course was busy all day by the time 10:00 pm rolled around they were sold out. Still put several in my cart but really do I need more? My wife thinks I’m nuts and is already complaining I got to many and where oh WHERE would I put them? So I got off of the sight, but still…

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Out of what they offered this year Mountain Rose would have been nice.

I am looking for 2 older peach varieties, one is a Sunapee Peach. Sunapee was released by the New Hampshire Program and the old literature from Rutgers rated it as cold hardy as Veteran and Reliance. I found reference to Sunapee from the early 2000’s but I cannot find anyone with the tree now.

Hale Harrison Brillant is another variety I would love to find. Hale Harrison peach is a variety that was found in Nelson County Virginia which is close to me. It was sold to Harrison Brothers Nurseries in Maryland which at one point was the largest Fruit Nursery in the world (according to the internet). Here is a link to some info about the peach -

Full text of "Hale harrison : the peach of the future introducing for November 1949 planting"

Harrison Brothers Nurseries went bust in the 1960’s when a blight wiped out all of there peach trees. Hale Harrison is the name of one of the owners children - I assume it must have been a good peach.

My wallet is relieved that I’ve been through nearly all of their offerings I am interested in. Last year two trees cost me $200. At least it looks like they stopped the heavy mark-up on the most rare stuff, I paid $75 for my de Vigne and Teton de Venus last year.


Scott - Did you get decent sized trees from Arboreum?

Two years ago I got really small apricots from them that I was really disappointed - but they grew fast. Last year my trees were normal nursery size but the roots on the Arboreum trees were very big. Everything has done well, save one which they credited. And when they couldn’t fulfill one of
my trees last year they sent me a free Fei Tao instead by surprise and still honored a credit for the unfulfilled tree. So far nice customer service.

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