Anyone planning on ordering from Arboreum?
When do they update their available tree list?

They update it early September. What they have now is what is available till September 2020.


Thank You

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They have just a few trees of each variety so most are sold out very quick.

“very quick” indeed. Often in a few days. I missed out on Early Purple Guigne cherry again, but managed to order a Schattenmorelle cherry and John Rivers nectarine. Very excited about the John Rivers. As a back up, I also got some John Rivers scion wood from UC Davis.

Schattenmorelle is the same thing as English Morello, which is available in many places (an old variety that has many names; Lutowka is a very close relative). It’s really more of a processing cherry unless you’re a fan of very acidic taste.

I’ve made my own Early Purple Guigne tree last year, picked a MaxMa 14 rootstock and a stick of EPG at a scion exchange, bench grafted them and immediately planted in the ground. The tree grew very well.

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Was surprised by the shipping cost. Will 3-4 trees fit in one box for the same cost?

Early Purple Guigne is available from Trees of Antiquity. They have it in stock.

You should check with the Arboreum to know for sure but the usual answer is yes. For many mail order nurseries they charge the actual cost for shipping the box and in a box you may be able to get 5-10 trees. So if it costs $30 to ship a box it’s best to have 10 trees in it rather than one.

Cool. I’ve been looking for that tree for quite awhile, Thanks!!!

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Your welcome. Hey- I see your in Ohio. If you get the Early Purple Guigne could you post how well it does in your area? At least after it’s fruited for a few years. I live in Illinois and there is little information about how cultivars of sweet cherries do in Midwest. Hopefully, it will work well for you but in any case I would like to hear about your experiences.