Are goumi berries single or multi stemmed?

I just planted two goumi berries from Raintree nursery. Does anyone happen to know if these are single or multi stemmed bushes? I can’t really tell from Google pictures and the plants are way too small to see if they send up multiple shoots from the base. I’m planning to apply landscape fabric around the bushes to keep down weeds. Trying to figure out how big of an area I need to leave for them to grow.

I’m interested in this answer also. I have a goumi coming this spring and plan to use landscape fabric.

Mine have been multistemmed from what I recall, as I would choose one of the trunks to put treeguard around

Mine was multi-stemmed in TX (even before it died back and resprouted from the roots).

Here is one that I got from Burnt Ridge a few years ago.
It started as a 1/8" air layered whip which is now the larger trunk. Two more shoots have since come up from the base.
Don’t believe the label. The fruit is tiny, astringent, and mostly seed with very little flesh.

I’ve thought they taste pretty good, though one of the earlier fruits, so I take what I can get.