Are jujube worth trying

Anyone in cooler climates growing any varieties of jujube successfully? I’m wondering if it’s worth getting one to grow in a container, if they’ll even ripen in time? I think they would overwinter okay in my garage or shed.

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I am in Z5. Honey jar is your best bet. Tasted great and ripened the earliest and can handled -20 F with no issues for me in Omaha. Plant it in the most sunny spot and you may have to winter protect it the first year by building a wire cage and fill it with dried leaves.


Thanks, that’s the one I was considering. Do you have any sources you’d recommend? I was thinking of grafting, but rootstock seem hard to find.

Chinese red date by Dr. Yao husband, Burntridge nursery, raintree nursery,, grow organic nursery, …


My winter lows are are around 0-5. I don’t recall seeing below 0 temps. You don’t think I need to winter protect my Jujube do you? This is its first year.

@Susu I don’t think winter protection is needed for our area. Mine did fine the past winter (one night to -3 degrees). I think they are hardy enough here. Other nearby houses have them out in the open.