Are Pomegranate trees off bearing?

Hey everyone, so my Wonderful tree which has been growing like a weed since I’ve had it has normally been a very strong producer. For some reason this year I only count 4-5 flowers. Which is strange because last year I got about 25-30 fruits. It’s a fairly young tree (5-6 years) so I can’t see production slowing down yet. And nothing has changed in regard to fert/irrigation.

Are poms off bearing some years?
Quick note: I did heavily prune last winter (had to) but it’s since recovered all that growth, and then some.

Some varieties are and some are not, I have no idea if the wonderful variety does that. Heavy pruning can cut production next year, it depends on the variety, age of the bush, how much percentage of the bush is removed. Climate/climate change is something that can effect production as well.


Thanks. Yeah, I pruned it about the same last year and had a bumper crop. My wife feels I watered it less this spring, maybe that has something to do with it.

Poms do well with heavy Winter pruning, they fruit on new wood. Other than that, poms pretty much thrive on neglect. Hard to say what’s going on exactly. You know what LA Dodger fans say, right? There’s always next year. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, that’s been our 49er’s lately too lol
I’m sure this tree will bounce back, as it’s very, very, vigorous and otherwise healthy. Put’s on feet per year growth, and last year it fruited like mad.