Are Scions available yet for?

I guess I should stand in line… I’m looking for some recent apples that have been released or are almost to the point where trees are selling or scions available. Are any of the below available to grafters or as trees? I’ve done some searching and have seen much of them.

SweeTango, Juici, Opal, SnapDragon, Ambrosia, Jazz, and Cosmic Crisp

I think all of those are either patented or club apples. I wouldn’t expect scions becoming available any time soon. I’d like to have Sweet tango and Opal.


I’d really like Pacific Rose

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I believe that is aka Airlies redflesh.

Pacific Rose is a club name/trade name for a NZ cultivar named Scifresh if I remember right.

But is Scifresh obtainable?

Ah, I think Scifresh may be Jazz

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ltlilton is right Scifresh is Jazz.
Pacific Rose is from the same apple breeder/developer and is Scirose.

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There seems to be quite a series of these

I really would like to have a Sweetango. I grow Honeycrisp and Zestar, why not?

Jazz is a wonderful apple, and Kanzi is great too- they’re siblings from Royal Gala and Braeburn. Southfield is a sport of Jazz- if we can’t get one we might be just as happy with the other. Southfield is said to ripen a bit ahead of Jazz.

I have some of the varieties you comment (jazz scifresh, kanzi, opal, fuji kiku Fubrax, red pacific , ambrosia,rubinette rafzubin,galaval and other varieties club).

now I look envy and SweeTango, 2 varieties that are missing in my collection

envy o scilate It can be purchased in New Zealand for professional farmers:

someone has a friend in New Zealand?

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Nope. The club retains the legal rights until such time as they might relinquish them, which is why I despise the law on this matter.

I can understand and support the concept of temporary patent rights. But I do not like the trend toward clubbing. Some argue it protects the quality of the product. I just think it’s stingy and mean-spirited. So what if Joe Shmoe Farmer grows some sub-par “Opal” apples. His customers will figure it out, and look to try them from others sources, or god forbid, try to grow them themselves!

It irritates me that Opal apples can only be grown by club members. They are truly delicious, I will admit. But there are lots of other delcious apples out there in the public sphere. This is why I’ve decided to boycott club apples. I do not expect this to make much difference, but it’s one small thing I can do.

Dr Jonas Salk shared the polio vaccine with the world to improve the condition of his fellow men and women. He did not reserve it only for those willing and able to pay top dollar.


It’s irony that you mention Opal, cause this variety is available for home growers in Europe. Anyone can buy Opal tree and I also have one. It’s about to ripen, I will give it a week or two and will post some pictures.
On the contrary Honeycrisp that is so common in USA is club variety in Europe (also called Honeycrunch) so impossible to get here unless you know someone in the business. It is very unfortunate that many of the new perspective varieties are not available to public.

I Never purchase club apples for that exact reason! Plants grew long before people came a long.


on the one hand it is not difficult to find varieties club and on the other hand if it is difficult.

if you want to buy a club in the typical Apple online store, you never will find available.

these online stores sell only 1% of the trees … however there are professional nurseries website (but do not have online store), these nurseries only sell to professionals the sector and in large quantities (more than 100 trees), however, if you contact them and gradually makes a friendship, you can get very good and they are available to very few.

will give you an example, in my country several years ago they took a triploid mandarin (never pollinate other and neither are pollinated by others, so there is never the fruit seeds).
these mandarins called garbi and safor are protected and can only be grown in valencia, must buy a minimum of 250 trees, you have to sign a non-reproduction of trees under penalty of 300,000 euros and you have to put in the contract the polygon and plot the exact location of the trees and sign a consent form for your farm is inspected at any time.

even with all these security measures, I have garbi and safor and only had to buy one tree for each variety and knows … you funniest thing of all? I’ve done everything legal, I buy my trees and pay for them including royalties and have an invoice that proves … … who has actually committed an infraction is the nursery that sold me one single tree without signing a contract (when the nursery can not sell under those circumstances).

another example, just yesterday received 2 apricots copyrighted content that can not be sold to fans and you have to buy more than 100 trees … how I got it? very easy, send an email to the nursery that has those varieties and they have bought 200 euros in rootstocks in pots and 2 apricots with copyright.
They could cancel my order or cancel the 2 trees … however risked I cancels the entire order and they perdiesen a sale of 200 euros, they have not risked and have sent all

Some club apple scion is available for free from the USDA. I know for a fact they offer Ambrosia. For resurch purposes only of course :sunglasses: