Are these young grape vines Ok or need help?

I have a Concord seedless and a Lakemont Seedless that have blotchy yellow/green leaves and are slow growing. Wondering if they are ok or if there is something I need to do to help them. The smaller one in the foreground is the Concord and the larger one behind it is the Lakemont.

They probably won’t do well in pots.

Bare root is best, real dirt is best. You may not have that option until dormancy in the fall.

They are in bags because they will later be transported to and planted in ground at my property in Michigan. They are in soil composed of equal parts compost, peat and vermiculite. The wood chips are just on top of the soil. The Lakemont came in a 1 gallon pot and the Concord in a 4" pot. There are two Somerset and a Canadice in the same soil and bags next to them that are doing well with 1 to 2 feet of new growth, but those were more mature bare root plants. Are these two just suffering from transplant shock that I just have to hope they recover from or do I need to add some fertilizer or something to help them out?

Here is a picture of the Somerset and Canadice vines