Ark Freedom and Ark Traveler thornless primocane blackberries

Has anyone tried either of these? I’m intrigued by the idea of thornless, primocane bearing blackberries, and would like to try one or both of these varieties.

Yes ,punch that in the search function at top of page.
Several discussions about these

Here is one of the topics your looking for No doubt your after the thornless properties of these plants but for those who don’t mind the thorns you can read this topic on extending the blackberry season I’m looking for ways in general to extend the season so if anyone know of early June berries keep me in mind because they don’t need to be late season only to extend the season.

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I’m the only bramble berry eater in the house, so I don’t need a huge planting.


Freedoms are very vigorous…i have had nice crops. i’m in 8a but plant them in afternoon shade and they do great. mine have not gone dormant ever. had some 15 degree weather last year.