Aronia plants/seeds needed!

Hello everyone! I’m new to this forum but I am looking to acquire some Aronia plants! I’m in Ontario, Canada and many of the Nurseries with Aronia hybrids for sale are only in the US and cannot shop to me. Ridiculous. Can anyone help me out!? I’m looking for The Ivan’s Beauty (mountain ash hybrid) as well as some descendent of the A. Mitchurin variety (possibly Viking).
Please and thanks!
I look forward to learning and sharing insight with you all!


Growing Fruit has some sections in addition to the General Fruit Growing Category. There’s a Region Category for Canadian discussions and I noticed some Canada scion trading in the Trading Post Category. Someone in those sections may be able to help.

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unfortunately, can’t ship plant material other than seed into Canada. i have Ivans beauty , Viking and a polish cultivar that starts with g. i forget the name. both aronia are 10-12ft. bushes and very productive. Ivans hasn’t fruited for me yet. been in ground 3 years. got it from onegreenworld nursery.

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