Artichoke pups

I am curious what your experiences are when dividing Artichoke pups. My Green Globe Artichoke has sent up several pups and has quickly out grown the area the mother plant was planted in. Should I divide the pups now, or wait until after harvest later in the season?


After a good rain here, weather is beautiful…so I decided I would dig up the Artichoke and divide the pups. I ended up with 4 news plants! Here are a few of them.


I am zone 5b/6a area. For several years I have wanted to start artichokes from seed and grow as annuals. I missed my opportunity AGAIN this year. I need to order seed really early, so I can get them going by mid-January. Johnny’s Seeds says Imperial Star needs to be started 8-12 weeks before last spring frost date. Anyway, seeing your pictures encourages me to get with it and plan ahead for next year!

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