As we move towards winter

Hi everyone, I had a pretty successful first year with my grafted apple trees. I grafted some cold hardy, disease resistant varietals to BUD118 rootstocks. I am thinking of trying antonovka along with bud118 this year. I have been thinking of using freedom, liberty, as well as some of the -Mac varieties and honeycrisp. The Bosc pears I planted this year have been growing strong as well, no issues with disease. I have about 125 hybrid chestnuts stratifying in buckets and will grow them in air pruning beds in the spring. I was gonna do black walnut, but after husking them and removing the outer layer, I left them in a bucket uncovered, and the squirrels ransacked them. I’m in 4b. My mother lives in zone 5 near Albany NY. I planted cherry and peach trees at her house and she had a great crop of peaches this year. I was thinking of planting something else on her property. What variety and rootstock is good for pears? What do most of you prefer for cold hardy apple rootstocks? Bud118 or antonovka? When is the best time to order scions and rootstocks?(I ordered a bit late last year, but I made it work.) what disease resistant varietals would you recommend? I’m looking to have vigorous trees that require minimal spraying, but that will cross polinate each other, and ripen early-October/November. Are any of you stratifying chestnuts? I have 2 year seedlings of both American and hybrid chestnuts in the ground now, all seem to be doing alright up here near Watertown, NY. Tips, recommendations/advice appreciated, thanks

Also, I was wondering if anyone has any photos of full grown bud118 apple trees, both grafted and non grafted,(bud118 natural)., thanks

The best time to order Scions now, expect delivery between Feb-April. You can order rootstock now or in the spring. Plants use the fall to grow roots. If you plant the root stocks now they may have time to develop extra roots before grafting. as for cultivars I dont know but you can use St.Lawrence nursery as a reference point.

Dont forget black walnut poison the ground around them.