Ashmeads kernel Apple ripeness

I have about 30 off of two tall spindle trees I planted three years ago. Do you need to store them for a while for the flavor to develop? Or are they good right off of the tree? I don’t want to ruin a few of them by eating if I need to wait.

Here in Maine, AK ripens in early Oct, with peak flavor after a month or two of storage, good into Jan. I like them right off the tree as well!

I had a delicious AK last October. Explosive flavor, in a good way. Nice bite to it.

I planted a combo apple tree from raintree in the spring and there are two AKs on it. I’ve been wondering when to pick them in Ohio. I was going to try to hold out til mid-October. Anybody in the great lakes region have a recommendation ?

I just picked mine. They came right off with a touch.