Asian pear graft

Good afternoon everybody, I have an Espalier Asian pear tree. The variety is 20th century. Unfortunately I have lost two healthy limbs to fire blight, if I were to graft a new variety to this Asian pear, is it too late in the season to graft scion wood, or , is the timing just right , I’m in Eastern mass. anyone recommend a good source for Asian pear scion wood. I look forward to the responses.

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Not sure about being too late, but I just grafted a couple Asian pears last week in Maryland which should be farther along than your area. Fingers cross they take, but probably worth trying to do a graft at this time.

I got my scion wood for Asian pears from fruit wood nursery, they still have some varieties for sale, but selection is limited now that is later in the season

Cricket Hill has Pai li and some other scions.

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You can graft now as long as the hot weather hasn’t started.

I am not sure what the weather is like where you live, yet I can not picture it any hotter than here in North Carolina, it should be fine to graft now as long as the scion wood is not too awake, or it’s not too hot outside. Some places are still selling pear scion-wood that they already cut and stored in the fridge.

Here are some places that still have some scion wood

  1. Korean Giant Asian Pear | Scionwood |-Burnt Ridge Nursery
  2. Asian Pear Scionwood


No problem you can still graft it over your in zone 5b. Im still grafting in 6a.

@clarkinks ok, thank you.

I misremembered the variety I have. It’s a Shinseiki Asian pear. Out of these varieties pictured, only Asian, which 2 varieties would you recommend to pollinate with?

Korean Giant is supposed to be rather fireblight resistant. Burnt Ridge has Korean Giant and Raja which is also supposed to be resistant. They’re chart does not have them as good pollenizers for Shinseiki, but they are in a climate that probably has a longer bloom period than you. They have Yoinashi as blooming at the same time, also fireblight resistant. I may have some of it left, but last time I looked at it, the buds were pushing a lot.

If you are looking to order from ‘Peaceful Heritage’ they would not ship the order until next year. apparently they keep the ordering active year round.

@Evenfall and @alanmercieca ok, thanks guys. Luckily, I reached out to peaceful heritage, and theses items are shipping out now.

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That is great!