Asian pear information

I just came over from houzz. Seems like all of the fruit experts are here now. I got some pear scion wood from one of the generous members here. I have been looking out at the window at the snow melting and dreaming of all the pears I am going to have in a few years. Maybe counting chickens before they hatch. I am doing some research on the pear verities he sent and I am not able to find anything on this one. Maybe I am misreading it, lantai jululi. Does anyone recognize this pear?

Thats Lantai Jujuli, its a so-called fragrant pear. You might have gotten it indirectly from me as very few people are growing it. If you don’t know about fragrant pears, check out this New York Times article.

Mine has not fruited yet, its taken forever. I also have a couple seedling fragrant pears going and no fruit from them yet either…


Thank you for the info and the interesting article . I am even more interested in growing this after reading it. High hopes for grafts this spring.

Fascinating, Scott. Do you know if fragrant pear might grow in my rather warm climate? Sounds very interesting. What is it grafted to?

It probably has high chill but I don’t know for sure. They are from a colder region of China. They can be grafted to any standard pear root.