Asian Pear Tree


I currently have an asian pear tree in my yard that’s fruiting. I noticed that there is not many fruit and we have had it for a few years. Should I purchase another one? I’m not sure what variety it is but the fruit is fairly large (round) and is super sweet. If I need to get another one, what variety should I get? Can it be another asian pear or does it have to be a european pear?


I have a Hosui asian pear that’s been planted for three years. Got three fruits the second year and zero fruit this year because of the late frost. Maybe you have the same problem?

Also I believe that pears require a pollinator so adding a second variety that blooms at the same time might help you get more fruit.

As to what variety to get the top picks on my list are:

Pear (asian) : Korean Giant / Kosui
Pear (euro) : Harrow Sweet / Harvest Queen / Seckel


The most important considerations in my opinion are to get another pear tree that the blooms overlap and to get a different pear from what you a;ready have. You know you have an Asian pear so a safe addition would be to chose a European type such as Harrow Sweet or Harrow Delight.


Euros and Asians don’t always overlap in bloom. Just get an Asian that does not look at all like yours in the pictures. Korean Giant, Kosui, Hosui, Chojuro, etc are good.


Yes, they do need a pollinator. Best one I know is the Clapp’s Favourite. Pollinates everything in my garden.